Wall Saws Eliminate Dust and Vibration In Demolition Work

When you need to demolish concrete walls, you can go in for the conventional method of using chisels, hammers or jackhammers to achieve this. A wall saw is an alternative that is a versatile equipment that enables walls to be cut both horizontally and vertically or even at any angle as desired. Most walls saws consist of a saw unit mounted on brackets. The saw unit can have a circular blade and also needs a constant source of water to keep the blade and concrete cool, while greatly reducing dust nuisance.

Wall saw units may have separate motors for powering the saw, another to move the unit along the track and a third motor to control the depth of the saw. Saw blades need to have proper blade guards to ensure the safety of the work. Wall saws can cut concrete up to a depth between 12 and 33 inches and your choice of the saw will depend on the project that is required to be handled.

The great advantage with the use of wall saws to do the required demolition work is that openings can be cut to a precision, that does not damage the structure in any way and also creates smooth surfaces to the cut concrete. This greatly reduces any need to redo the openings after the demolition work is completed. As the saw is mounted on tracks that are bolted down, the system is very rigid and allows for precise cutting of the concrete. Some wall saws may use wires for cutting instead of blades, in cases where the depth of cutting is greater. Wire saws for wall cutting are considered the most economical and efficient of ways of cutting concrete. To use wire saws for wall cutting may need cores to be cut so that the wire or chainsaw can be introduced easily into the wall.

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