Dockers X2 Series Suitcase is My Choice for Travel


Our family is planning a trip, and I have my bag packed and ready to go on Monday evening. Initially I wanted to take two suitcases with me, because looking at the carry-on bags I owned, there was no way I was going to fit all of my belongings into just one of them.

My local Fred Meyer store had all of their luggage marked 50% off, and there was a 10% off coupon in their ad (on top of that sale price). I ended up buying a $120 Dockers X2 Series 21″ Expandable Upright Pullman suitcase for only $54, and it was a fantastic decision on my part to buy this product.

I just finished packing, and to my delight, I was able to pack all of my items into this one bag. This bag probably wouldn’t work for me if we were traveling to a winter destination, but we are going to a tropical paradise and my shorts, tank tops and sandals all fit nicely, with room to spare, and I have enough clothes to wear a different outfit each day of our trip.

The Dockers X2 Series suitcase measures 14″ x 21″ x 8 1/2″, (and it expands to 10 1/2″). The bag itself is handsome, made of dark brown 1800 denier polyester (that has been treated to make it waterproof), with black trim. Like most suitcases these days, this one has the wheels for easy pulling around airports, but these wheels are heavy duty ball bearing skate wheels! I don’t expect them to give me any problems, or that they will break on me.

The top of the bag has a recessed, push button locking handle, and it has a very comfortable grip. The outside has two large pockets for storing tickets, paperbacks, etc. If you like to put one suitcase on top of another when moving around airports, the Dockers bag has an adjustable strap for holding your second bag securely to it – and if this is not your cup of tea, the strap is removable.

At the top is a second set of dual carrying handles, but the bottom of the bag has a very sturdy handle as well, which makes the job of putting this bag into a trunk, and removing it from said trunk much easier. This isn’t just a cap like some of our bags have, it is a well made, sturdy handle.

I compared the inside of this bag to many others at the store, and the Dockers was the nicest. It is lined in a light tan color fabric, with a plastic zippered bag for toiletries and compartments for shoes on the inside top of the bag. Inside the bottom of the suitcase are two compression straps to keep my clothes in place, which means less wrinkles when I finally reach my destination.

Best of all, this is considered a “boarding tote”, which means I can take it onto the airplane with me! No more waiting for my luggage to arrive, then fighting every other passenger on my plane to get my bag off the claim carousel. Everyone in my party is taking only one carry on bag, so we can immediately exit the terminal and get our rental car.

I never would have imagined that I could get all of my clothes and toiletries, enough for 10 days, into one bag, but this Dockers X2 Pullman made a believer out of me. And it comes with a three year warranty, so the company is standing behind their products. I love this suitcase!