Creating The Best Movie Watching Experience

With the electronic media market progressing rapidly, there are lots of applications to choose from when it comes to watching a movie. Mobile phones have now become models of movie streaming. Be it an IPad, Apple or IOS device, movie, and reality shows are now just a click away. However, watching a movie on an electronic device has certain features to offer. They are:

  • Less expensive
  • Saves time and energy by avoiding long lines at a theatre
  • Downloading unlimited movies anytime and anywhere

With the above truly said, applications that are a now available help to do so. There are so many movie apps available in Google and app stores that often it becomes difficult to choose from the lot. Free movies applications have become a trend and have easily dominated the media arena. However, here is a list of some of the free movies app that comes handy to individuals.

The best free movies watching applications

With thousands of applications scattered all over, individuals can easily download the following apps for a brand new experience of watching a movie for free. In fact, apps include all genres of the movie and so there is a lot to choose from.


The best platform for viewing, the app is by default present in all devices and users can easily access any movies of their choice.

Sony Crackle

Supports all devices and easily available in Google play store, this app is a vast collection of latest movies to browse and enjoy a perfect Saturday night.

World movies

Though it doesn’t work for all devices, it’s a pretty handy application to filter for movies.

Snag Films

From thriller to romantic, this application has it all. Download this app for a luxurious movie experience.

Pop Flix

A relatively newcomer in the movie app market, it features all movies from old to recent in perfect HD quality.


Currently leading the media industry, almost 1 billion people are registered on Netflix, with just a monthly payment of 4$. A huge collection to browse from, this app has the best-rated movies and TV shows and also, therefore, has created a storm among movie lovers.

A quick recap

For a movie lover, it’s never too late to capture the best seats in a theatre. But since so much content is available online, the need to use and experience such free movies applications is worth a try. All sorts of movies and reality shows can now be tested and reviewed in a proper manner.